A Brief Overview

We at University Lutheran Chapel believe having a chapel and student center is extremely important to our work of campus ministry and to our students at the University of Minnesota and to the life of our congregation. In the summer of 2012 our chapel and student center were sold by the MNS District and demolished to make way for a new student apartment building. We are now engaged in an effort to find property near campus and rebuild the church home that has been taken away from the students of the U of M.

Please visit www.buildulc.org for more information and updates.

Why should you care?

University Lutheran Chapel is the only LC-MS congregation near the University of Minnesota and is extremely important to the spiritual welfare of our students and for outreach to those whom Christ would call to faith from the campus community.

ULC is not only important to our students at the U of M, but also to our entire church body. Our chapel is a flagship ministry in the LC-MS. We are one of the campus ministries that others look to for how faithful and successful campus ministry can be done. ULC impacts the entire synod through our students who leave our chapel to become leaders in churches throughout the world.

Consider the following:

ULC's campus ministry is one of the synod's oldest , having been active on the U of M campus since 1925.

ULC has sent 26 men to seminary over the tenure of pastors Pless and Kind. She has also had students become deaconesses, Lutheran school teachers, LC-MS camp directors, missionaries, etc.

ULC has had students and members who have done mission work in Haiti, in Kenya, in New Orleans, in South America and in many other places around the world.

ULC provides confessionally faithful and liturgical services to students throughout the year, numerous catechetical opportunities, Bible studies, social events, outreach events, and community service opportunities.

ULC is the only congregation in the city of Minneapolis that has shown consistent numeric growth (members, attendance & giving).

ULC as a congregation has become home to many young familes throughout the Twin Cities metro area, with a thriving Sunday School, VBS program, confirmation classes, youth group, choir, etc.

ULC has worked very hard to become self-supporting and is no longer District funded.

What can you do?

Donate to Help Save ULC


Monies raised will go toward our efforts to rebuild ULC so that we can be more effective in our campus ministry efforts.

Help Spread the Word!

Tell others to visit this website, or BuildULC.org, or our Facebook fan page "Save University Lutheran Chapel".

Pray for us

Above all else, we pray the Lord will uphold this congregation and her students in the midst of transition; for as He has said, even the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Holy Church.


Though the Chapel has now been sold and demolished, the following documents are still being offered here for those who wish to better understand what transpired...

Please examine the following documents for more information about the MNS District's sale our chapel, information related to ULC, related to her relationship with the MNS District, and other pertinent items.

Documents related ULC's Court Case against the Officers and Directors of the MN South District

Complaint - The Suit filed in Hennepin County District Court on April 26th, 2012

Apologia - A Defense of Our Actions in Filing Suit

Who Paid for ULC? A breakdown of the fundraising and expenses related to the construction of ULC.

The Purpose of ULC - Part 1 - What was the intention of the donors and of the MN District when ULC was built? Here is a summary of MN District Convention actions related to the construction of ULC's chapel and the establishment of the ULC congregation. Actual text of the convention proceedings is included.

The Purpose of ULC - Part 2 - Here is a summary of official MN District reports and promotional itmes related to the construction of the chapel and establishment of the congregation. Actual text is included.

The Purpose of ULC - Part 3 - These clippings from the Gamma Delta Student Group's newsletters and bulletins show the expectation of the students and of the campus pastor and show just how involved they were in the chapel construction and fund-raising efforts.

The Purpose of ULC - Part 4 - Contains excerpts of the correspondence of ULC's campus pastors from 1944-1956 regarding the purpose and construction of the chapel, the establishment of the ULC congregation in connection with the chapel, and the exclusive purpose of the chapel as the home for U of M's campus ministry and campus congregation. (large file)

Documents related to the MNS District Convention (held June 14-16, 2012)

The Resolution (Overture E-7) that was passed in support of ULC new

A Critique of Convention Resolution 5-01 (same as Overture E-2 written by the MNS Board of Directors

Letter from ULC to the Delegates

Memorial passed by the Rochester Circuit with Commentary

Memorial passed by the Lake Superior Circuit of MNN, rejected due to the influence of the MNS District's leadership, with Commentary


Timeline of events Who did what when?

Documents from the MNS District

MNS District Proposed Campus Ministry Budget, 2011-2022

Spring 2012 Mission Vision News Article on "Campus Ministry Strategy" with commentary

December 6, 2011 MNS BOD Minutes with Commentary

Flier from the Oct 10-11 District Pastors' Conference

Sept 28 Memo Notifying ULC of the sale of its Chapel to Doran Construction. with ULC commentary

MNS District Campus Ministry FAQ #2 - Sept 22, 2011 document with commentary by ULC

District BOD Resolution - authorizing the sale of ULC - Passed Sept 13, 2011

MNS District Campus Ministry FAQ #1 - with commentary by ULC.

District BOD Resolution - regarding campus properties. Passed May 17, 2011

April 20th Memorandum from the MNS District - defending their actions and impugning the integrity of ULC representatives - with Commentary by ULC.

MNS District's Executive Summary- with Commentary by ULC

MNS District's Campus Ministry Plan

MNS District Powerpoint Presentation of the Campus Ministry Plan

Letter to the MNS District Board of Directors - regarding program subsidy to the chapel for 2011. (We asked them not to send this money to us this year)

MNS District's Budget Summary Sheet

MNS District's Campus Ministry Budget

Proposed Campus Ministry Sites (congregations listed, not campuses)

Report of the 2009 Campus Properties Task Force

Documents, background information, etc. from ULC

June 12, 2012 Letter from President Harrision to the MNS BOD in support of ULC and against the sale of the building. new

Oct 13, 2011 Letter from President Harrison in support of ULC and campus ministry in our synod

Sept, 2011 CCM Opinion with commentary


ULC Presentation to the MNS BOD with audio - May 17 Keynote (powerpoint) presentation. Slightly condensed audio portion to fit on Youtube.

Here are also the associated files for the presentation: Blog Post by Kristen Weber on using college students to do campus ministry, and an article by Campus Pastor Rudolph Norden from 1947 about the need for a chapel at the U of M.

1963 MN District Resolution - pay attention to the last page where it is highlighted. This indicates that the chapel property was not included in the division of assets between MNS and MNN Districts, but was to serve both districts.

Map of churches near the U of M - Where will LCMS kids attend church if ULC's chapel is sold? Note that there are three ELCA churches close to campus, while there are no other LCMS churches nearby.

Map of new apartment development - These are major apartment building projects within a few blocks of ULC. Three of these are under construction right now. Two are existing already (one is new this year, the other is a few years old). Note the two dormitories directly across the street from ULC.

Surveys from the 2009 Campus Property Task Force - these clearly show the importance of the chapel property to the mission of our campus ministry.

2008 Ministry Understandings and Agreements document. The previous version was a draft posted in error. This is the actual document with notations by ULC to the side. The most pertinent information is on page 4.

Maundy Thursday 2011 sermon preached to the flock at University Lutheran Chapel.

Sermon from October 2, 2011 preached to the flock at University Lutheran Chapel

Media Coverage

Feb 14th, 2012 MN Daily Article - "Apartments Planned for Church Site"

KSTP Channel 5/45 Piece from Sept 21 - "Sale of campus church frustrates pastor, members"

Sept 20th Finance and Commerce Article - "Leadership votes to sell church near U of M campus

Sept 19th MN Daily Article - "Dinkytown church to close, make room for new complex

June 8th MN Daily Article - "Dinkytown church holds on to hope"

June 1st MN Daily Article - student groups losing space in Coffman Union. Where will campus ministry go without the ULC building?

May 3rd MN Daily Article - "Faithful Try to Save Their Church"

Recent St. Paul Pioneer Press Article about new construction in Dinkytown. Which would you rather have next to campus: another expensive apartment building or an LC-MS church? (link updated 6/27)

What others have said

Letter of Support from LCMS President, Rev. Matthew Harrison

Resolution adopted by the Minnesota North District Fall 2011 Pastors' Conference

Resolution adopted by the Montana District Fall 2011 Pastors' Conference

Resolution adopted by the joint MNS/MNN pastors conference regarding the sale of ULC.

Appeal from Central Illinois District Campus Workers on behalf of ULC - A letter from all 4 campus workeres in the CID.

Appeal from Campus Pastors and Workers on behalf of ULC - A letter from 51 campus pastors and workers from all over the country in support of ULC and against the MNS District's plan for campus ministry.

Former CSP President, Robert Holst, comments on the importance of buildings and location - Notes from Holst's last CSP Board of Regents meeting recorded by Regent, Rev. Karl Weber.

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